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Designer, artist, entrepreneur and dog lover.


I am an entrepreneur and the managing partner at Firefly Digital. Yet, I spend most of my time trying to stay out of the way of the very talented people that work at Firefly.

In 2006 I started a new business designing products for dogs. I design couture apparel, furniture, indoor and outdoor doghouses and a variety of beds.

I've published a book titled "Silly Dog Toys: 12 easy projects to make your dog smile". It's a craft book designed for kids and dog people who craft and can be found at I'm working on the second book, working title Posh Dog Beds.

As the Dog Designer® I get to be creative, contrary to most of my duties as Firefly CEO. It's always thrilling taking an idea and turning into something real...something really cool.

I currently have three dogs: a wheaten terrier, Barley; a Maltese, Posh; and the latest addition, Sk8r. They are all great buddies and play chase longer and more often than I'd prefer. While they are all purebred dogs, they are all rescues! Wonderful dogs!


Surfing, Hikiing, Mountain Climbing, Snow Skiing, Woodworking, Design, Art, Dogs, Workout, Writing, Road Trips, Kayaking, Travel, Technology, Writing, Design, Outdoor Activities, Cowboy Dancing, road trips and dog park adverntures with my dogs: Barley, Posh and Sk8r